Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pasta, Fencing, and Playing

These pics are all from the weekend of August 17th-19th....

That Friday I was "stuck" in a pretty lengthy meeting between two people who had been to Mirko (my fave Italian restaurant) for lunch and they both smelled like garlic and pasta. So that evening we **had** to go to Mirko. They really are absolutely the best Italian place in Nashville and we all love it. Lilli was in an especially loving mood that evening and was cracking us up the whole time.Such a ham. The portions are pretty large, so even though it's not someplace I would call cheap (it usually runs about $30 for the three of us including tip and dessert to go - their tiramisu is to die for!!) we always have plenty left for the three of us to have lunch the following day.
She loves the takes her quite a while to eat piece by piece.Some fence progress on that Saturday....our front yard doesn't seem large at all until you think about it being two sides....The bones to the new gate. That gate had been a thorn in our sides the six years we've lived here. Just a weird latching system people (especially the mail man) couldn't figure out and then other people (again, the mail man) would leave it wide open flapping in the breeze. And there was the time someone (the mail man) broke the whole thing and left it slanted up against the gate. Surely this one will be mail man friendly.The following day - all primed up!The gate - all picketed and primed! Major improvement!! Right now we don't have a latch on it, but we probably will do something. This particular hinge has an auto-close feature so no one can leave it wide open, however in storms and high winds it will beat and flap so we need something to protect against that sort of damage. But this gate is SO much better than what we've had!!! Who-ever put together the last one did a horrible job with the design of it.
Poor Lilli was suffering from allergies so badly this weekend. We really didn't go anywhere because she was pretty pitiful from her cough. She was coughing so badly at night and anytime she tried to sleep. When she woke up that Sunday morning she sounded absolutely horrible and asked us if she could just not go anywhere. She never asks to stay home, so when she does you know she feels pitiful and terrible. (We actually went to the doctor Monday afternoon.) So, she and I stayed home that morning and curled up on the couch watching movies and rested. Brent did take her to feed the ducks and just get some fresh air that afternoon. Since we'd pretty much kept her in all weekend trying to maybe knock the cough out, he got the bike out and took her on a ride down to Shelby Park to feed the ducks.It really is the best place in Nashville to feed ducks. Tons of them and not many people go to feed them, so it's always really easy to get a ton to swim up.Happy to get a little break from being inside!They do love taking a picture or two....So far this weekend we've had a pretty relaxing one. We got a lot of much needed yardwork done this morning with trimming up some shrubs and even did some deep cleaning inside the house and organizing some messy areas of the house. So glad we'll have an extra day on this weekend!

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