Monday, September 3, 2012

Summer Living....

Pics from August 18th - 20th - getting close now!!

Brent is sooo close to being done with the new front fence. The ridiculous weather this summer has been the biggest hindrance. From the building phase where it was literally 110 degrees outside and wood was warping instantly, to the on and off rain since early July making it impossible to have dry wood to work with, this has been the never-ending project. On this particular Saturday morning, he got a nice start with the final coat of paint while Lilli and I went off on a nature walk around the neighborhood. Around lunch-time we stopped for some hot dogs and.....

a storm all of a sudden popped up. It was just a drizzle at first, and luckily the area he painted is protected by the large cypress in our front yard. The downpour started. Fortunately his paint had had long enough to dry, and been protected enough during the drizzle, not to have any damage. Lilli and I had gotten her paints out and were making cute little pictures on the pile of scrap lumber. We really had some fun little designs going - but our art project and her washable paint didn't make it at all. We were too late running out to save it.
That evening we surprised her with a trip to the "big movies". We hadn't been since June and she hadn't seen the new Disney princess movie Brave yet. She loved it, but I have to say if your preschooler doesn't handle some "scary" violence then I would avoid it for a bit. There's a few fight scenes between bears that are fairly intense - a couple of kiddos who looked similar ages to Lilli had to leave during that scene.
Our mandatory picture after the movie with the poster. I don't feel like we go to many movies (this is maybe her 5th or 6th?) but with our free Regal Rewards card we just earned a free movie ticket, and we've already earned a free drink and free popcorn in the past. Definitely worth taking the time to sign up for the card and it does keep us loyal to this particular chain.
Afterwards we went to Michaels to check out what new crafty fall stuff they might have out. She loves, loves, loves these weird little animal and people figurines.She is so obsessed with these car buggies at the grocery store. Since I'm a good mom I try to find one when I can. The turn radius is awful and it's a bear for me to push (and the car itself is smaller), but how you can deny this happiness?
We hit the pool up, maybe for the last time this summer. We hadn't been in forever because of the rain and cooler temps in August. When we got there the kiddie pool had just been closed for thirty minutes because some kid pooped in it (don't even want to know how that happened....) but thankfully they kept it open a little later than the regular hours since it was near closing time. The poop incident really cleared out the crowd so we had so much space when it reopened!!
Our after swim treat - Taco Bell and frozen strawberry lemonade!!We're still trying to get in as many weeknight playdates with Serif and his parents before it starts getting dark so early. These two have so much fun running around. And I think the dads have a lot of fun shooting hoops.....See how dark it was already at 7:30!! Crazy. For some reason Serif had the idea that he wanted to be up inside the little basketball goal and of course Lilli needed to be up there too. They're both so light and small they had plenty of room to hang out up there together and yell for their daddies to look at them. Silly kids!!! She'll miss playing with him this week while they're gone to the beach for their fall vacation. She asked if we could go to "our" beach house and see him. HA! Back to work and school for us all tomorrow, boooo!

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