Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of a Princess....

All these pics are from August 20th - 24th. I am catching up!!!

That Monday afternoon I took Lilli to the doctor. It was the first time she'd had a "sick child" visit in over a year and a half!! Woo hoo!! She is really very rarely sick, and the doc is always really impressed with her track record of hardly ever having to come in. So funny since people tend to rag on "daycare kids" as always being sick. Um, not true. At all. She had been coughing for a bit over a week, but had had no fever, no drainage, and really not felt bad except for the coughing and how that was causing her to not sleep well. We were hoping doc could give us some antibiotics or something just to knock the cough out, but after listening to her, having her run and jump around, and giving her a thorough exam she ruled it as allergies. She did give me a couple of different over the counter things to try, and luckily Zyrtec does come in a kid formula she's old enough for. The evening liquid she had me swap to worked wonders and Lilli was sleeping like a dream that night and so much more rested the next day.

We stopped at Walgreens to pick up the medicines she had recommended and I saw these Ariel swim goggles on clearance. Hilarious. And of course she loved them!!
Every day when we get home in the afternoon her first chore is to take the "baby" gate down to let Pippin out of the living room, then take her shoes and put them up in her room. Once she does that she always changes out of her clothes and into one dress up costume or another. It's like living with royalty. Personally, I'd rather throw on a T and some comfy pants!That week she wanted to take Tinkerbell to school for show and tell.
But it was all Snow White at church that evening. I'm pretty sure she's going to love Disney.
That Friday night we met up with friends for dinner at Mitchells, a little local deli. They have a nice patio area out back for eating and "child running wild area". But oh my word - the flies were 100% out of control. It was basically miserable trying to eat and chase flies off of everything. So we ran over to a little neighborhood park in the area and let the kids run off more steam afterwards. Lilli and Audrey were working on their gymnastics moves on the bars....She has seen my picture taken enough recently to know what to do! Hilarious.One of her recent drawings - on the left is an alien, on the right is Lilli.So glad tomorrow is another day in the weekend. I took a MUCH needed 4 hour nap today and don't regret a second of it.

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