Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tis the Season

Tis the season for me to want to do lots of this.I finally got started on our taxes tonight, of course I couldn't find half the things I needed for a while and only got a small portion of the way through. But far enough along to be annoyed at the government and how much they tax a hardworking, dual income family. We'd probably live better if neither one of us had jobs and we just lived on all the people like us.
Never fear, hopefully once I get all our charitable deductions, business expenses, and childcare expenses (the measly minute portion that are actually deductible - one again ridiculous) hopefully the frowns will turn a little bit upside down, or at least the big red number staring at me won't have a minus sign in front of it.
This is one task I would love to pass off to Brent, but I'm guessing the CPA certificate hanging in our hallway means I'm the one in charge of this one. Three weeks to get it done!

*These pictures are from Sunday when Lilli was asking Brent to swaddle her like a baby. She loved playing "Houdini" and trying to escape!! Pippin, on the other hand, was not impressed.

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