Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Snaps

We always like to take some pictures of Lilli after church in her pretty "Sunday dresses". Since most of them only get worn a few times I like some good photographic evidence of them all! Actually I did much better this winter, I am "proud" to say all her winter dresses have been worn at least once. I'm trying to buy less clothes for her (which Zulily makes very hard for me) and really on buy things she can get good wear out of. Most of the things in her closet this winter have been worn several times. Now that spring consignment season has started I'm trying to do the same, really only buy thing I know she will like and can wear to play in.

Our best photography bribe is food!! Pretzels had been on the grocery list that day and she was dying for a few. This group was taken on February 19th.I wish sweeping made me this happy. Or even happy at all.

It was kind of cold that morning and we had had a few little flurries. That was why she was so excited to be running around outside.
The money shot. Such a silly little girl.
Little miss cutie-patootie
Last Sunday she was in a mood. Most of the time she's pretty outgoing but every so often she will be super clingy, and that's where she was on that day. At the start of his sermon, our preacher asked all the kids in the STARs program (age 3 - 5th grade) to come down front and get a reward for some of the service projects they had done. Lilli's two little friends tried to get her to go, and she wouldn't. I told her I'd go with her and she still wouldn't. They all get settled on the front rows and he holds up a big bag of M&M's and tells them they can have as many as they want. She looks at me and says "MOM, I want to go." So instead of going down with all the other kids she takes off all by herself and runs at top speed all the way to the front row. The entire church is dying laughing since it's pretty obvious her interest was only fueled by knowing what the reward was. Brent snapped a pic of her running back with some of the kids we sit near. It was hilarious and she was quite the talk of everyone afterwards.
That day an older couple had us over along with another couple and their three kiddos for Sunday lunch. She had fun with Ethan, Lydia Kate and Levi. After they finished they chased each other around in the yard. She LOVES to chase the older kids. It's hard to see her here but she's the third (and smallest) kid from the left. It was such a pretty day to play out in the yard and I enjoy any occasion where I don't have to cook!
I can't believe the weekend is already coming to a close!

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