Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Pins for Pat

I love, love, love Pinterest. It's really exactly what I've needed to get organized with parties and party planning, presents and all the holidays. Since I'm only a few days behind in blogging I thought I'd share my top five St Patty pins I've marked this year.

I love this lunch idea and made something similar for Lilli's lunch tomorrow (pics to come later). I modified the ingredients and some of the look, but I thought it was so clever! I always cut her sandwiches into fun shapes (I have a dinosaur sandwich cutter and a princess one) and she'll ask me specifically for a dinosaur sandwich so I know she'll be excited tomorrow!

I'm really into subway art for my kitchen right now. I printed several for Valentines and then several others for St Pat, and even had Brent make me a custom one. These are all free printables and he has such a great color printer at work that the cost to me is nothing for some constantly changing art!

Of course Lilli has to have a custom skirt! I ordered this from a different shop than my usual haunt, she's been getting pricier and pricier so I'll likely only be using her for special occasions. This skirt was really affordable AND I was able to buy a matching dress for her baby doll!

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

We made this easy little craft for both her church and school friends. Just a little printable (we used normal paper and it worked fine and is much cheaper than card stock) stapled on a Ziploc baggie filled with Lucky Charms. Kids love that cereal so this has already been a big hit with church friends. I'll have pics of ours when I post on St Patty's day.

I think this craft is so cute and I'm planning for us to do this tomorrow! It would be neat to do year after year and watch her hand grow.

You can follow my entire St Patty Board here, I've got lots of cute crafts and recipes pinned!

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