Saturday, March 17, 2012


The longer daylight has made for all kinds of fun around here last week after dinner. It's so nice to be able to eat and then still have plenty of time to play outside and enjoy the weather!

Playing some soccer. My frizzy humid hair days are her best curly hair days. I guess it's a fair trade-off.This ball bouncer has been the best gift anyone has ever given her! She's played with it non-stop inside and outside the house since Stephanie gave it to her for her birthday!
We have a mega dandelion problem in our front yard again this year. I can't understand why.

Playing hide and seek. And waiting on so patiently for us to find her. She wants to play hide and seek ALL the time. This morning I just wasn't in the mood to traipse all around the yard and hide in the same five spots so I suggested something different to do outside and she asked me if she could go to school. HA! Guess she never has a hard time finding someone to play HnS there.

March Madness time! (If you can't tell, those awful red crocs have become her new favorite shoe. I would have never bought them, they were a free sample at work that I should have destroyed.)
The game has taken on a new twist once I got out a pom pom we have from touring the Green Bay Packers stadium on a trip 4 years ago. Now she'd rather cheer than shoot. I know I have some Memphis/Titans ones somewhere upstairs, too.
She shoots, she scores!!!
Happy St Patricks Day! Time to get started on our shepherds pie and green smoothies!

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  1. Cute photos! I'm right there with you on the terrible shoe issue. My daughter is currently wearing a pair of sparkly, black dress shoes EVERYWHERE and they don't necessarily match with the pastel shorts and skirts she's been wearing. LOL!