Friday, March 2, 2012

Severe Weather and Severe Sinuses

All of this crazy weather this winter hit me hard on Wednesday afternoon. In the space of just a couple of hours I went from feeling great to feeling like someone was drilling nails into my head. I think the big temperature swings and all the back and forth of this weather finally got me. On Thursday I sneezed absolutely all day long and ended up using one entire box of Kleenex to get through the work day. Thankfully I only had one meeting that day and I feel sorry for the guy that was stuck with me in it. The Allegra D and Flonase kicked in and today I feel a lot better, but still a bit congested and my poor nose is so red and sore it's pitiful.

This morning I was in the shower at my usual 5:30 and I could hear it start storming and hailing as I was getting out. Of course that woke Lilli up, so we were all up extra early this morning.More time in the morning led to some bacon for Lilli and Brent. Of course she ended up playing with it before ever eating it.
The forecasted severe weather had the whole of Nashville in a severe weather tizzy all day and everyone in the office became their own meteorologist and the weather apps were up and being monitored all day. In a meeting I was early in the day our division president came by and told us all the weather in the afternoon was predicted to be bad and we all needed to leave around 1. I am certainly always ok with leaving early on a Friday! Several schools in the area closed early, and I know of some daycare that did, too. Lilli's daycare did not close early, but they did send out several notifications keeping updated on their policy and their plans. When I picked her up about 1:30 1/3 of her class had already left, and there were so many parents picking up that early that there was already a line of cars out front.

At that time, it was a gorgeous day. It was incredibly windy though - our terrible mailman never does a good job actually putting our mail in the box and every single piece of our mail had blown across the yard and some were in the fence heading into 17th. He really is awful. Especially since our previous mailman was so great and friendly. Our giant hackberry tree in the back was blowing like crazy so I wouldn't let Lilli play out back but we did play out front and watch the kids leaving the school. Since it was Dr Seuss's birthday a lot of the kids had dressed up and she had a lot of fun looking at their outfits.
Around 3:30 the weather really started changing so we got our closet ready and packed it with flashlights, snacks, blankets and toys. The only toy I really needed to pack was my Kindle! I rarely let her play with it, even though I do have several puzzle and other kid apps on it. I consider that one of very, very few things in this house that is MINE so rarely will I allow her to play with it. So since it was such a special treat she didn't have any issue with being in the closet.
We did all enjoy some snacks. Pippin never minds the closet if we're in there, and if there's snacks.
Around 4 we got some heavy hail and winds for a couple of minutes, but none of the stronger tornado type stuff came through our neighborhood.

We got several other heavy periods of rain and some thunder, but no rough weather. Just in case we stayed in tonight and Brent walked down to the pizza joint on our block and got us some Stromboli and cheese sticks while Lilli and I made green tea, purple Kool-Aid and brownies. It's so nice living in a neighborhood where we can just walk to fresh food!
I don't think you could tell in the other pictures but Lilli did wear her Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat shirt to school today to celebrate his birthday. It's even a little hard to see in this picture.
I think tomorrow we may take her to see the new Lorax movie. She's been asking to see it for a while now and has surprisingly not forgotten about it! She's been telling everyone she's going to see it, as well as Cinderella's castle, so I guess we should make one of those a reality!


  1. Oh my goodness. This makes me glad we're just dealing with snow-- I'm not sure if I'm ready for tornadoes and thunderstorms in March. I'm glad to hear the really bad stuff missed you guys.

  2. We had a lot of the same weather frenzy in Kentucky yesterday. We didn't get hit with any of the really bad stuff either, thank goodness. Now it looks like we'll have to be ready for snow tomorrow and Monday.

    You're daughter is absolutely adorable, btw.