Sunday, March 25, 2012


We've gotten a little behind on dumping our pictures (very rare that happens around here!) but I have a few from the middle of last week that are still pretty cute. It's that busy time of year when we're changing out closets from winter to summer and getting the yard back in shape and we just don't take as many pictures. Brent helped me swap out my closet today (which in this old East Nashville house involves ladders and everything else under the sun), and I've nearly got Lilli's closet swapped out too.

One of their classroom jobs is to be elevator operator - holding the door and pressing the button. She loves to hold an elevator door for people!! Another perk of being an urban city kid. If there's no parking out front we have to pull in the basement garage when we pick her up, so sometimes in the afternoon she gets to operate the elevator for us. Her current classroom job is book curator - keeping the bookshelves clean and picked up. They swap jobs every two weeks.On Tuesday night we just really needed some cookies. And since I don't buy that stuff often all we could do was make some chocolate chip cookies from scratch! My assistant is always more than happy to help with all measuring.
What made it more interesting was her ensemble. I had just gotten a big box of new clothes for her and I in the mail from Zulily that day. I had let her pick out a new swimsuit (it also came with a really cute swim skirt) and the cow sandals. She was excited they were in the box and had to put them on right that second. And then this is the look you get when you ask her to show you her new swimsuit. If I wasn't so certain she was going to be a short girl like me, I'd say she has America's Next Top Model talent.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

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