Monday, April 6, 2009

Where did Spring go?

Hello! We had a great weekend around here. Friday Lilli and I did some shopping, and I was going to treat her to the Southern Women's Show but there was NO parking around downtown!!! Every garage within 5 blocks was full, and I could have parked at work for free 5 blocks away but decided it wasn't worth all the "stuff" I'd have to tote on my own. So maybe next year! Saturday morning, even though it would've been a great morning for me to get out for a solo run, I took advantage of Daddy Daycare and went out and did some major retail therapy. I tore up a coworker's yard sale (they have two little girls) and scored a ton of summer stuff for Lilli, then tore up the last consignment sale of the season and got MORE clothes for Lilli and an Exersaucer for $7.50 (BRU has the EXACT same one for $90!), did some Easter dress shopping for me and Lilli, and then got everything I need for her Easter basket. No candy for her - since we'd end up eating up, but lots of cute little toys for her particular age that I think she will enjoy. Brent and Lilli did just fine and had a good morning hanging out together. We enjoyed the rest of the day together watching Brent work on a bookshelf for Lilli's room and then we walked down to the neighborhood ice cream shop and treated ourselves to the first cone of the season.

In spite of the ice cream, losing weight is still going well here. I lost 3 pounds two weeks ago, and 2 pounds last week. I'm back to my normal exercise routine for the most part. I run every morning while Lilli snoozes during her morning nap. Normally she gets up around 6:30-7 and is back asleep by 7:30 - 8 so I hop on the treadmill and run anywhere from 3-4.5 miles, depending on how zonked out she stays! I still have 11 pounds to go and hope to keep losing 2-3 pounds per week. I'm almost back up to my regular number of miles, last week I ran 17.5 and the goal for this week is to be back to my usual 20 miles/wk. From here I just have to work on gaining back my speed!

With the reemergence of winter I decided to take this opportunity to make sure she got to wear some of the winter things she still hasn't worn yet! So, even though we're staying in on this yucky day she's dressed to the 9's. She's getting harder and harder to photograph since she just loves to kick those feet - so in half my little point and shoot pics she's a bit of a blur - but I think it illustrates that she's a baby on the move!

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