Friday, April 3, 2009

Lilli: Fashion Accessory

There are some days it's impossible to get anything done with a baby around (except for taking care of the baby!!) Yesterday was one of those days, she was fussy all afternoon and a lot of last night, too (but still slept great, so I'll take being worn out if I can get my 9 hours of sleep!). On those days I REALLY love my SleepyWrap!! She literally wanted to be held ALL day, and would shriek if you so much as tried to put her down. As she's approaching 11 pounds that can get a little tiring and heavy - so SleepyWrapped she was! Here's a couple of pics of her in her wrap from over the last few weeks. It's basically a giant piece of fabric you can tie a billion diff ways and put her in it. She's very close to you so it's like she's being held, but your hands are free to prep dinner or do some housework. Very clever!!!
Anyway, it's time for Lilli to wake up from her morning nap and have her lunch! Then we're headed out for more shopping! Consignment season is coming to end for a few months and it's time to get on some great deals. Last week I did wonderful in a rich part of town, so I'm hoping for a few good deals today, too! I'm still in the hunt for the elusive jumperoo, those things are impossible to get!

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