Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growth Spurting...

Well, I think we may be in the midst of the 3-month growth spurt. Her 6-week growth spurt nearly killed me. I knew she would have a 3 month one, I was just hoping we wouldn't notice it. She's been fussy all day today and been eating every 2 hours or so instead of her usual 4 hours. Ugh. Then she screams a while and passes out. No fun, I'm sure my parents highly enjoyed their visit with Miss Fussybritches today. In reading up on this one it seems like their sleep can be disrupted too, reverting back to waking up at night to eat. NO FUN, I like my 9-10 hours sleeps at night! And with just 2 weeks to go until I go back to work I'd like to keep my nightly sleeps, thankyouverymuch. And many people said it last longer than the 6 week one - often for 5-7 days. Yippppe!I took Lilli to Fleet Feet for the first time Friday! They don't carry Mizunos in her size so I got some new running shoes for me instead. This week I ended up with about 21.5 miles, including a run outside this morning to enjoy the beautiful weather. Besides some other shopping (one of our fave hobbies) Lilli and I also walked down to the park Friday afternoon to soak up the sun and hang out with one of our friends and her one year old boy. She was awake most of Friday - pretty much awake from 9:30 in the morning, with a short 20 min nap in the car, until about 2. Then she just took a short 30 minute nap before we went to the park and she was awake there the whole time watching our friend and the geese. And now today - passed out and fussy! Growth spurts are so odd! And it seems she is due to have another one at 4 months, ugh!!!!

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