Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More Cuteness

Here's some pics Brent took Saturday of Lilli working out in her little gym:

Big Bro is always nearby:

Talking to momma:
She's working on getting those feet:

Today we went out to visit Brent and work. She did really good with his coworkers, but eventually got tired by the time we made it over to the building I used to work at. I had no clue so much time had gone by - she was about 1.5 hrs overdue for her nap!!! So in that respect she did GREAT! She passed out while he and I had lunch and was still passed out when I got home. The poor little thing was so tired when I got back she could hardly keep her eyes open for her bottle!!!

We've got some shopping plans for Thursday and Friday, it seems like we have activities every day!!!!

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