Thursday, April 9, 2009

Poop on Pop

Today I decided to dress Lilli in "Daddy thinks I'm sweeter than Sugar" attire since she had a diaper explosion last night that put an untimely end to Easter outfit #1 and Brent's favorite pair of jeans. Naturally this happened about 5 minutes before we needed to leave. Maybe she'll make amends and be extra sweet to Brent while I'm gone tonight for Girls Night Out!!!

She's still doing great sleep-wise. Last night we put her to bed at 9 and she still slept until 7 am. Her daytime naps are getting shorter which means it's harder and harder for me to get anything done! She's generally fussiest when she needs a nap and just hasn't gotten it out. I've also realized that I'm past the point of really being phased by public meltdowns. She and I did some shopping this afternoon, and then walking with a friend. She had a mini-meltdown in the quiet store but I just did several 50 mph laps around the narrow aisles until she calmed down and I finished my shopping. The lady who checked me out complimented me on my ability to speed walk the aisles with my arms full of product and not miss a beat with the stroller! And I have to admit I really didn't think about it or even care how many people were staring at us. I guess I have arrived at mom-dom! She still screams bloody murder most everywhere we go in the car, but I've pretty much learned to tune that out too. I just tell her payback will come one day when she's a teenager and I embarrass her as much as possible! I think the good nights of sleep and all the smiles help with overlooking the awful moments!

Happy Easter!

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