Monday, March 2, 2009

Moving and Shaking

Good morning!!! Alarm baby got me up at 6:30, and after feeding her, changing her and getting some laundry going of course I'm wide awake now! Maybe there will be time for a nap later although that's doubtful since we go back to my doc for my follow-up appointment this afternoon. At least this time the # on the scale will have gotten much smaller!

Here's a couple of pics from the weekend. Little Miss Independent has decided that she doesn't always want to be swaddled up in her little straightjacket, so in the interest of letting her do whatever makes her happy so we can sleep, some nights she gets to sleep au natural. And this is how we find her in the morning. Good thing there's a wall there to stop her or she'd probably end up in Pippin's bed in the morning!!!

Brent took Friday off so he could go with us to Lilli's new pediatrician. Long story short, although our original pediatrician was a very nice guy, and a very good doctor, everything else about their practice was AWFUL - the nurses, the office, the clientèle, everything. So we've changed pediatricians to a great practice in Green Hills and they are GREAT! The nurses and docs carry around laptops and keep everything electronically and the whole office is state of the art. My baby deserves Green Hills!! We went Friday because we were concerned Lilli has acid reflux, and the nurse and doc spent a lot of time with us and gave us some suggestions to help and hopefully avoid medication. So far so good, however there's been a few MASSIVE spitups in the process. Our very first feeding after we got home from the doc ended up with me, Lilli, the couch and the floor drenched. And while Brent was helping me clean up Pippin took advantage of the situation and managed to eat part of Brent's lunch - sending him back to timeout for the second time in two days. He's become quite the opportunist - that was the first of Brent's lunch he'd stolen all week, after taking mine twice when I've gotten distracted by diapers that need changing, etc.

After the appointment on Friday we went over to the Green Hills mall and walked around for a while - Lilli's first trip to the mall! Of course she and I went to Gymboree, Baby Gap, Macys, Pottery Barn Kids, and all her other favorite clothing stores. Strangely no one had any good deals going on, so we left the mall totally empty handed (except for the baby, the carrier, the stroller, the diaper bag, coats, blankets, and her toys).

Hopefully today the doc will tell me I'm all set and can start exercising again! I've still got 15 of my 37 preg pounds to lose. There's about 1 or 2 things I can actually zip now, and hopefully this week I can add several more things to that count! I'm about to order my jogging stroller, I think I'm going to go with a Giant from Ebay. As much as I'd love a Baby Jogger or BOB there's no way I can justify their $500 price tag!

Have a great Monday!


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