Monday, March 9, 2009

Parking & Sleeping

Hello! We had a great weekend with beautiful weather, and we took total advantage of it!

Friday Brent left work a little early and we went to Shelby Park and took a nice 2.5 mile walk. We hadn't been over the new pedestrian greenway bridge since it was finished, so we got to enjoy that. Then on Saturday we met some friends and their girls at Centennial Park and had a picnic. The park was packed and every kid had a loaf of bread for the ducks!!! The ducks were so full they weren't even hanging out around the shore anymore. After our friends left we fed Lilli and walked 2 miles on their path before heading out to do some errands. Sunday afternoon Lilli got to go to a baby shower for one of her future buddies. She did great and was passed around the whole time which was nice for us to get a break and be able to enjoy some cake and adult conversation!

I think her 6 wk growth spurt demon is over!!! She finally started to calm down Friday afternoon, and Saturday was mostly back to her normal cheerful self. Saturday night she slept ALL night! From 10 pm until 6 am!!And she did the same last night - from 11 pm until 7:30! Even then, this morning she was just laying there wide awake chewing on her hand. I guess she might have laid there longer if I didn't go in and check on her. Hopefully this is a sign of good sleeps to come!

Here are some pics from the weekend!

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