Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lilli's New Ride

Here's the new running stroller!It's a Giant brand running stroller, with 20 inch wheels! A lot of the junkier jogging strollers have 16 inch wheels, but this sucker is truly built for running. It rolls like a dream and makes my Peg Perego "mall hopping" stroller look like and feel like a piece of junk (even though it's also really awesome and I love it!).

We've taken it out for walks lately on all these wonderful days, and we definitely get a lot of looks! A really friendly guy at Centennial told me he wasn't worthy of walking next to us with his little umbrella stroller and our Cadillac of strollers!

We'll keep walking with it until she's a little bigger for running (she needs a bit more head control) and I'm more recovered. I've started running slowly and ran 3x last week. It's felt really nice to burn a good sweat and hopefully the stuck scale will start moving again. So for now we'll just enjoy moving at a pace slow enough to get lots of stares!

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