Friday, March 6, 2009

Growing Like a Baby

So I'm pretty sure we've hit Lilli's 6-week growth spurt (right on time since she's 6 wks tomorrow). I tell people she's 90% sweet and 10% rotten, which is probably a pretty good rate for a baby (because I do get they are supposed to cry for no reason sometimes). Those numbers have been pretty much reversed for the last 24 hours.

She normally naps really well in the mornings, catnaps in the afternoons, and is a bit more awake and slightly more fussy in the evenings. Yesterday she woke up around 9:30 am, and pretty much fussed her way throughout the whole rest of the day, never sleeping more than 10 minutes at a time. And the whole day she insisted on being held, walked around, patted on the back and rocked (all at the same time). So that was my exercise yesterday - constant baby walking! I even took her on a stroll around the neighborhood, about 2 miles - and she stayed awake for most of it! She's really not one of those babies that car rides help, a lot of times she just gets angry in the car, so taking a stroll around the neighborhood didn't make her pass out either.

We were at least able to get her to sleep from 10 until 3:30, and then back asleep from 4:45 until 6:20, but today has pretty much been like yesterday. I tried "Fridays in Pajamas" where the three of us were all going to just nap and hang out in the bed, but Pippin was the only one who embraced that concept. I tried the vacuum tip, which I think scared them both to death, but didn't seem to help. I was starved and needed a break, so I put her in the swing in the nursery with Baby Einstein blaring and she's finally asleep going on an hour and a half now, which I think is one of the new Wonders of the World. The swing has never kept her asleep more than 10-15 minutes, EVER. Pippin and I have been curled on the couch in a celebratory hug for that hour and a half.

From what I've read these growth spurts tend to last a few days, and everything she's doing (lots of fussiness, eating just a little bit but much more frequently) is totally normal and she's just doing her 6 week baby hazing. And I can tell by looking at her and how her clothes fit that she really is growing a lot right now! Hopefully when she's in a more chipper mood I can capture one of her funny smiles on camera. I got a big one this morning when I asked if I had stinky breath.

Here's hoping she grows out of her 6 week slump quickly!!

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