Monday, February 2, 2009

Best Buds

*** If you're using the generic "Friend of Lilli" sign in/password that we emailed out to our friends and family and you leave a comment, please leave your name somewhere in the comment so we know who you are! We sent that name/password out to about 50 people so they wouldn't have to create new accounts! ******

Probably one of the Top 5 Questions people have had is "What does Pippin think of Lilli?" Well, right now he prefers to ignore her as much as possible. He'll breeze past her while she's in her bouncy seat, and once he licked a foot sticking out from under a blanket, but at this point he's really not interested. If she really gets to screaming he leaves the room, but for the most part he seems to accept her as a new part of the family. I'm sure once she starts walking around with Cheerios and Cheetos her likability will dramatically increase.



  1. Hey Rachel, thanks for the link! Love the pictures! ~ Ruth

  2. Love all the pictures! She's precious!! You both look great!! Madison still wants Lilli to sleep at our house so she can take care of her, she was expected her to come to our house after she left the hospital! :) She can't wait to hold her and take care of her!! ~Becky

  3. mmm... cheetos. :)

    Glad pips and lilli are keeping the peace!