Monday, February 23, 2009

Daddy Duty

So, after 4 weeks of total sleep deprivation Brent declared Friday night my night off. (Don't get me wrong - he's been up for MANY of the middle of the night feedings, but I have had to be up for every single one of them...). And let's just say I was EXCITED! I literally haven't slept through the night non-stop since May of last year thanks to my tiny pregnant bladder, so the idea of just sleeping uninterrupted sounded like heaven.

We usually try to get Lilli to bed around 10 on weeknights, so we're sticking with that on the weekends too (and since we're pretty sleepy it's not hard to do!) Brent took the 10 oclock feeding and I'm pretty sure I was asleep by 10:30. Right now she's sleeping in her pack and play in the living room, right outside our door. I heard some commotion going on out there as I went to sleep, but I knew Brent had it under control and all I wanted to do was SLEEP.

I didn't hear a thing all night. I was pretty sure I'd hear her up for her 3 am feeding, she hates having her diaper changed and pretty much wakes up the whole neighborhood each night. But nope, I didn't hear a thing. Pippin did feel the need to wake me up at 2:45 but I told him to go back to bed and leave me alone, so he came back around 6:45 to wake me up.....At that point I got up to let him out and saw the slumber party in the dining room. Lilli was sound asleep in her bouncy chair and Brent was curled up on the dining room couch. It looks like they had a fun night! What's the fun of hanging out with daddy all night if you don't get to sleep in the dining room in your bouncy chair on the dining room table???? All that matters is I got to sleep all night long!!

To continue in giving me a break he got her dressed for the day. I usually lay out her clothes (with the occasional "Daddy's choice" day thrown in here and there reluctantly), but Brent took a few creative liberties with her selected attire.....

For some reason he found that rolling up her jeans and adding her cowboy booties really completed the ensemble.... (I got the cowboy booties for $2 on clearance at Babies R Us last fall and Brent has already gotten about $2,000 worth of enjoyment out of them! I never quite know when she's going to end up with them on!)
From there we went to Lifeway to buy a few things on sale (and pretty much struck out....). Here's a few pics from her first trip to Lifeway:

Where's Lilli???
First time in the Kids area:Later that day we headed out to Babies R Us to take advantage of some coupons and promotions (we saved 25% on diapers!!! and got a $15 gift card for our purchase!) and to get Lilli some tights and little black Mary Janes for her first trip to church. And when you see the pics you will def agree those little tiny shoes she will probably only wear 3 or 4 times were worth every bit of $10! (Although Brent may still not agree...I should've ripped that tag off first!) I'll try to post those pics tomorrow, trying to get the 4 of us to all look good in the same pic is 5x harder than when it was just the three of us so the picture will probably require some Photoshop magic! (Pippin does not get to go church - even though he desperately needs some Jesus - he can't be left out of a family photo!)

Have a great Monday!


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