Friday, February 13, 2009

Little Monkey

Since Brent has mostly been posting unflattering, crying type pics of Lilli lately here are some cute ones! These pics were taken about a week ago on her 2-week birthday. This is the gorgeous quilt my sister-in-law Suzy made for Lilli. She did all the quilting herself and my 7 year old nephew Cody colored the animals. Enjoy!!


P.S. We'll post pics of our cute family Valentines outing soon, the short version is she slept through her first outing to our fave Indian restaurant! I highly enjoy this "sleeping through most outings" phase! It's hard to imagine but this was the first time we've eaten out since she was born 3 weeks ago!

The back side of the quilt is a really cute monkey print that fits us perfectly! My nearly 4-year old niece Kasey got to pick that fabric out!

Pippin REALLY wanted to be part of the photo shoot - he wants to be part of EVERY photo shoot. I think he's learned that posing for pics = treats, so when he sees the camera he wants to be involved. He was a little hard to keep out of the frame, and in a lot of the pics you can just see his paws in the background. In this one he made a valiant effort to be part of the show.

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  1. The quilt is really pretty - love the monkeys. And,I love that Lilli shares with Pippin - co cute.