Friday, May 14, 2010

Packed (mostly)

Lilli had a great last day at school today. Her teachers helped her make a special card for her Daddy for his birthday. She was pretty partial to the yellow paint. I had a lot of help getting the suitcases packed tonight! For her next birthday we may just get her luggage. She played for the longest time just climbing in and out of the suitcases....
Then she figured out how fun it was to close the lid on top of herself and she just thought that was completely hilarious. (She's down in there.)Note that Pippin's head is visible in pretty much all these pics, at least a little bit of it. When he sees suitcases come out he becomes permanently attached to me and will not let me out of his sight lest he is forgotten. We have yet to ever forget him, but he still seems to worry. To even be able to pack her own suitcase we had to bring our larger one in so she could climb in and out of that one, since she was tossing her stuff out quicker than I could pack it.

I think we're all ready, it took me a while to find her birth certificate so I was stressing about that! Our flight leaves at 2 tomorrow and is about an hour and a half flight. Hopefully Lilli will behave, but there's not much we can do if she doesn't! Brent claims he still doesn't know where we're going so hopefully he'll be surprised and we'll have a nice trip. I've got lots of fun things planned and some cool places to stay so it should be fun. And it will be SO nice to get away for a few days since out last vacation was back in October (to West Virginia, Virginia and Kentucky.)

Time to pack a few last things and get some sleep! Lilli helped me make brownies tonight and maybe we can pass them out on the plane if she's awful, ha!!!

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