Thursday, May 6, 2010

Davidson Ave Flood Pics/Belcourt Art Show

The waters are starting to recede some here in Nashville....this was this morning a little before 6:30 on my way to work, and you can start to see the banks, and the very tip top of some of the stairs of Riverfront ParkThis afternoon I drove around police barricades (everyone was doing it....) and massive quantities of water are still being pumped out of the downtown sites - this from the Country Music Hall of Fame area....
1st Avenue was much less wet, and just nasty and muddy. We're under water conservation as several of the plants are down following the flood, so you can't wash this stuff away. Water shortages are a very real possibility here. We are being asked to not do laundry, dishes, and a lot of people are skipping showers, etc. Car washes and greenhouses have been shut down by police, and many restaurants are serving on paper plates.
I thought I might try my usual way home, this is how it looked:
All the businesses on my route home were destroyed, with all their inventory outside to be hauled away. This was a music supply warehouse.
Trucks of cleaning companies, "catastrophe relief" companies, and just general trash hauling trucks lined Davidson.
At lunch today we drove to parts of East Nashville and handed out cases of water to people. You could see how mud went up often times nearly to the roof of their homes, and everything was being gutted out and ripped up. It was such a sad sight to see. I'm hoping we can find some ways to help with a toddler in tow this weekend. It's been a pretty depressing week, seeing these sights every day. Tonight we were ready for some happier adventures.

The art show that was supposed to start Sunday night was postponed to tonight. We got dolled up and headed over to Hillsboro Village to support Brent. They were having an art crawl, and Lilli just loved running up and down 21st and dancing to some outdoor musicians. She even got a little fan club, ha!
Here's the art show, Brent's piece is the flower on the far left, the very first pic. It was really crowded so I didn't want to embarrass him in front of his photographer friends and make him pose with his piece! The show lasts all month and hopefully someone will buy it!
Here's Lilli and her buddy Eric exchanging high 5's!
It was really nice to get out and have a little fun tonight after such a stressful week in Nashville!

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