Sunday, July 15, 2012

4-th"ish" of July Celebration, part 1

Two weeks ago my parents had their annual "4-th ish" of July celebration at their house in West Tennessee. With the 4th oddly falling on a Wednesday, we celebrated the weekend before. We loaded the kids up, popped in some DVDs and headed West.

Pippin is always happy to be included on any trip. Especially when it's 109 degrees outside (literally) and he can sport his bandanna. Which at least saves him from a full bath when he rolls in dead birds. (true story).After lunch the usual Carden family activities took place - shooting inanimate objects.
This year even the boys are starting to get in on the action. Hopefully Lilli will never have any interest in this!!
A different approach....but probably not a bad idea considering the heat.
The annual "grandkids" shot - taken indoors to avoid some whining.

The "everyone" shot. Also taken indoors but still with the usual amount of whining and horseplay. At least both dogs are looking!After dinner, when it was only about 103, everyone headed out to do some fishing on what's left of the pond this summer.
Three cheers for Pippin who at no point fell in the pond this year! He was more than happy to clean the fish food bowl and stand guard. Only a very few fish were caught so I think he never got all that wound up or close to falling in.
The best way to catch fish when there's hardly any water and it's so hot is to feed them directly where you're fishing.
Lilli never caught any this time...but she did try for a few minutes.
Grant let her touch the one he caught and she thought it was super slippery. I'm surprised she touched it and glad it didn't cut her!
Princess was a little hot and a lot tired so he hitched a ride back up to the house with her Granddad. Price for the lift was one ham.
And one cheese.Messing around with her boy cousins, Cody and Grant. She liked to swat them with her lovey and watch them fall down. This is a game that's gone on for years now! She also had fun playing dolls and house with her girl cousins Madison and Kacey, too.Stay tuned for part 2!

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