Monday, July 2, 2012

Father's Day Week

Father's Day was pretty low key around here. Maybe we can do Father's Day again whenever I figure out where all the Father's Day cards I bought in May are at. I still haven't figured that one out...

Father's Day at church kicked off the Summer Reading contest and all the kiddos got to take home a balloon. It's pirate themed this year and they all got really cute little pirate hats, patches and pirate gear. There's fun little treasure hunts each week and at the end of July the kid who has read/been read the most books from the church library gets some sort of prize.

Ready for Water Play day at school!
Spaghetti night!
Daddy's little helper. This outfit is at least better than the tutu, but she does have on her "fancy" Wizard of Oz shoes.
The balloon from church on Sunday made its reappearance on Wednesday when she wanted to take it to show and tell. By this point it was a sad, sad specimen of a balloon but she was insistent that's what she wanted to take. She's taken some odd things before but that one takes the cake!Happy Monday!

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