Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

One last night of vacation until back to work tomorrow. I'm not all that excited, but she is probably more than ready to play with all the friends again!We've been able to keep up her cute little layered curly bob, so that's good news. Brent will be responsible for fixing her hair tomorrow though!!!
Super productive day today, all the Christmas stuff is down now and boxed back up in the attic. I got rid of a ton of Christmas things this year that I don't have the space for, so we were able to really consolidate down all the tubs of Holiday decor and we also got rid of quite a few other things taking up space in the attic today. 2012 is all about organization and DECLUTTER. If it's never been unpacked since we moved in how useful is it really?

But now, it's time to relax! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day back in the office.

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