Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dec 26th - Opryland Hotel

Oh yes....we're going WAY back in time. But if I don't keep it chronological it will read all out of time and there's lot of fun things we did in-between Christmas and now (like Lilli's first bowling party!) that I don't want to forget.

Since Christmas was a Sunday, we both had Monday off and decided to go to Opryland Hotel and see the lights, and the Shrek stuff. This year they did a big Dreamworks thing and had Meet n Greets and Character Meal throughout the holidays. Lilli LOVES Shrek (no clue why), so we were hoping she could meet him and have a picture made. Of course Opryland Hotel is all about gouging people for as much money as possible, so for the nominal fee of $50/person we could have had breakfast with the characters. Instead we took pictures of them from above. Since actually meeting any of the characters were out of question (they told us they never walk around, just to and from the $$ high dollar events), we didn't mind taking Lilli on the boat ride since we weren't going to pony up for any of the Dreamworks events. The line was pretty long, but we finally got on the motorized boat.

Of course keeping hands and fingers in the boat is an impossible task. She was also still free so we got a break there! It was fun to hear about all the different plants and how the water was combined from rivers all over the world.

Of course they wanted to sell you a picture of us on the boat. Clearly this was not a picture any of us wanted to buy. Snapping a pic as soon as we get on the boat is really not an opportune time to get a curious preschoolers attention. She was amused by the picture though.
On the flip side, she did want her picture taken with the big horses.
The lights were the same as any other year. I think when you've seen them once, you've kind of seen them a million times.
The Shrek show (the only free thing) was at 2:30 and 3:30, we happened to be heading to a nearby bathroom at 1:30 and saw the line was ALREADY getting long. So we stood in the longest, most disorganized line EVER, smooshed into tons of people, for a full hour. Easily one of our top 20 most miserable experiences ever.
However, it did pay off on us getting some really good seats to see the show. Shrek, the Penguins, Puss in Boots and several other Dreamworks characters were in it.

We were sitting right on the end of the aisle and the MC guy ran up to Lilli and did high-fives and talked to her several times. We got really lucky because there really weren't a lot of kids on the end so she got a lot of his attention.
The show lasted all of twelve minutes. Twelve minutes. Yeah, Brent asked if the hour wait was worth it. Of course not, but Lilli loved it and had a great time. We just won't make this mistake again! I'm sure somewhere someone has it on YouTube and we can just watch it from our computer. Without being elbowed by people who don't speak English for an hour.
So that was our day after Christmas extravaganza!

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